Error validating image files

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Again, notice that we did not have to explicitly bind the error messages to the view in our Forcing A Unique Rule To Ignore A Given ID: Sometimes, you may wish to ignore a given ID during the unique check.For example, consider an "update profile" screen that includes the user's name, e-mail address, and location.Sometimes you may wish to require a given field only if another field has a greater value than 100.Or you may need two fields to have a given value only when another field is present.In the case of a traditional HTTP request, a redirect response will be generated, while a JSON response will be sent for AJAX requests. Again, if the validation fails, the proper response will automatically be generated.If the validation passes, our controller will continue executing normally.

The field under validation must be present if the array.The dates will be passed into the PHP The file under validation must be an image (jpeg, png, bmp, or gif) The field under validation must be included in the given list of values.The field under validation must have an integer value.The field under validation must match the given regular expression.Note: When using the pattern, it may be necessary to specify rules in an array instead of using pipe delimiters, especially if the regular expression contains a pipe character.

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