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The bay is pretty here — tidy cottages on postage-stamp lots jutting into the water like crown molding. I don't even like flying, but I'd rather stay in the plane.

As we were putting out of the harbor, she sat back and took in the seagulls roller-coastering in the sky and the collar of houses along the channel. So Minka came back with the wakeboarding idea and everybody — me, her, my family — was happy.

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I'm actually getting a little nervous about when our fake breakup is coming." Ha!

She's smiling — you can see her teeth from the boat.

The sun feels good, and an offshore breeze curdles the waves on the Great South Bay of Long Island, an hour or so outside the city. Zach, the boat's driver — good dude, owner of an outfit called Island Riders that'll take you out and teach you to wakeboard — gives her the thumbs-up and eases the throttle forward.

They reportedly remain friends, but we think the benefits are probably gone by now.

Derek Jeter and Adriana Lima reportedly dated for a short time in But the supermodel's vow of virginity and Jeter's penchant for gift baskets probably proved a bad match.

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