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Today, in the year 2001, the main building of the Dietrich factory is empty and dilapidated, the boiler house is torn down, and in the buildings next door several small companies operate that are unrelated to SM production. The name Altin changed over to a small specialty firm. Whilst at home he was asked to repair an old sewing machine, this gave him the opportunity to study the mechanism in which he became totally absorbed.

In the subsequent years however sales decreased, the company applied for defense contracts and from 1935 started manufacturing MG 15 machine guns.

Under the company name of Dietrich and Co they rented premises in an Altenburger brush factory, bought the most important machines (Winselmann obtained the money from a wealthy building family in Ploetzkau) and started sewing machine production with only a few men.

At first only hand sewing machines using the Singer principal called Saxonias were manufactured.

But from 1960 onwards Altenburg and Saalfield gradually lost its domestic sewing machine manufacturing, which was merged with the former Singer works in Wittenberge. 'S' logo, but there is no writing around the outside of the badge. The machine doesn't have catches or locks for a case.

More and more Altin industrial sewing machines came out of Altenburg. Another distinctive element is the small coat of arms towards the bottom of the badge is oval, not shield-shaped as Dietrich used on other versions of their logo. Presumably it came with a wooden box, or else without a cover.

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