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Other, possibly even older examples of prehistoric art (cupules) have been discovered in the granite rock shelter of Turtle Rock, Northern Queensland, and in the dark limestone caves of southern Australia.

Australian Aborigine artists have continued to practice their traditional arts and crafts into the modern era, creating in the process a unique and unbroken record of artistic expression.

Along that line, The Art of Dating is a window into a bygone era, and for that alone I found it worth the read.

This book has helped me avoid many "relationship pitfalls" that many of my friends have fallen into.In any event, human occupation in Australia has been carbon-dated to at least 53,000 BCE, and the oldest Australian human fossil has been dated to around 38,000 BCE - the difference probably being due to the drowning of the earliest coastal occupation sites by rising sea-levels: a phenomenon known to Europe through the Cosquer Cave paintings, near Marseilles.All this means that aboriginal migrants were settled in Australia some 10,000 years before their northern counterparts arrived in Europe.Within the question-and-answer format, it also presents an approach to dating that seems backwards and counterintuitive to us these days.Who would have thought, for example, that back in the 1950s people looked down upon "going steady" unless very near marriage.

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