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Our work-in-progress protocol so far: 1) Social media: A point if they use it, no points if they don’t – that way no one is penalized is their studio prevents them, someone reported them and their account was terminated etc.

2) Number of scenes released: this will give an even playing field to both exclusives and free agents.

Marriage brought them together, in more ways than one!

Spy Fam is taking the step towards making their sexual dreams come true.

Intro promises held up beautifully, there will be no issue in finding your way from set to set, the quality ranges from standard to 4K and the action is indeed passionate.One point for every scene released 3) Number of posts on the major gay blogs – 1 point each: the question that will roll-over is in addition to The Sword, which blogs to include 4) The ink/tat/shaving are subjective. While not without merit, there is no universal standard – what works for one model doesn’t work for another. We can, however, put up a semi-final list in terms of a poll that would encompass those factors. Standard definition, high definition, full HD and also 4K are packaged within the porn, along with formats of, MP4, WMV and Flash.The length of clips teeter in the area of, 37 minutes and did I mention the presentations are not just kinky in a fantasy realm, as well as offering cumshots, threesomes, etc.

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