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They were on their way to breakfast at the Seville in nearby Westwood, where they ate together most mornings.

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Their first child, a daughter named Merrick, was born two years later, in 1964.During prison interviews conducted by the writer Philip Carlo in 2004 Kuklinski admitted he killed for the first time at the age of 14.He beat a neighbourhood bully to death with an improvised wooden club and buried his body in the remote Pine Barrens of New Jersey.There, as state troopers fought to subdue her enraged husband – according to Barbara, despite being shackled hand and foot, he shrugged and tossed three of them down the stairs – she struggled to grasp what was happening.Finally, detective Pat Kane came to her and said simply, “He’s a murderer.” Abruptly, all the odd things she had noticed about Richard over the years, the incidents she had been too terrified to tell anyone about, tumbled into alignment.

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