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A large study of American teens just revealed that close to 60% have received an instant message or email from a total stranger, and 63% of those teens who have received such instant messages or emails say they responded but never told their parents.In the last three years there have been several infamous cases of abduction, rape and murder in which the victim was first approached and lured through a Chat or MUD site, instant messaging, or emails.A whole genre of studies describes the damage Internet involvement can wreak on academic performance.Although many parents help their children get online in order to bolster grades, research reveals that more time spent online translates into less time spent reading books and worse study skills.The Internet cultivates impulsive jumping from web page to web page, but real learning requires still concentration.At a large New York university, the dropout rate among freshman rose proportionally as their investment in computers and Internet access increased.

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Other researchers remind us that the mere act of sitting still in front of a computer display can trigger a biochemical chain-reaction that ends in depression.

In most of these tragedies, visits to explicit sites, or extramarital relationships forged over the web, destroyed mutual trust and ripped the marriage apart.

Sadly, I have seen first-hand in my counseling practice that the Jewish community is not immune to this plague.

Thousands of sites offer 24/7 online gambling, and researchers say upwards of 15 million people visit these sites annually and leave several billion dollars of their family’s funds there.

Researchers also report that escorts and prostitutes in most major cities can now be reserved online.

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