Religions against interracial dating

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To Ahmed's parents, Canada seemed like a beacon of hope and tolerance. His parents encouraged him to try to blend into Canadian society because clashes over culture, race and religion had already cost them so much. Still, like many young men, Ahmed had questions about his origins.

He caught her stealing glances at him, and he set out to seduce her. Like so many Israeli women, she was taught that Muslim males were the enemy. The young biracial Canadian born to an African Muslim father and Arab mother considered himself Agnostic rather than Muslim.

Right now, avowed feminist and proud Israeli Defense Forces soldier Miriam Rosenthal was where she knew she was born to be. A big and tall young Black man with light brown skin, long curly Black hair and light brown eyes.

Lying on her back, sweaty and dazed, blonde hair disheveled and blue eyes blinking nervously, while a well-endowed Muslim guy fucked her in her tight Israeli ass. Long had the proud Jewish woman born and raised in Israel denied her attraction to rough, dark-skinned Muslim males, but today she indulged her lust. Born to a Palestinian mother and Somali father in the environs of Gaza, the most hotly contested piece of real estate in the world. Ahmed Mustafa raised the Israeli bitch's legs in the air as he worked his dick deep inside her asshole. The young Somali-Palestinian had one of the thickest cocks she'd ever experienced.

Growing up in Toronto, he had lots of Christian friends and a few Muslim friends.

The area in which he lived was populated by Jamaicans, Haitians, Italians and other predominantly Christian ethnic groups.

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