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Sanchez later admitted that he had fondled the woman’s breasts, hitting her head against a wall until she fell to the ground, at which point Sanchez fled.

While in custody, Sanchez confessed to three other assaults, all committed when he was 13, within a span of four months.

All data is from 2015, except Texas and Iowa, where the most recent data available was from 2014.

hen Sanchez was 6 years old, he said his father moved out of their home and eventually disappeared from his life altogether.

He is among 428 people who have been “civilly committed” at the facility, all of them living in limbo.Within the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission, treatment teams comprised of social workers, psychologists, and therapists, monitor the progress of approximately 50-75 juvenile sex offenders, said Rob Montalbo, the commission’s deputy executive director of programs.Months before a resident completes his sentence, a committee produces a pre-release evaluation of his progress and a release plan, which might recommend that a resident go home unconditionally, attend outpatient therapy, or receive services from other state agencies.The family moved around several neighboring towns in New Jersey – North Bergen, Guttenberg, Union City, West New York – sometimes staying a year or more when the income was steady, other times just a few months. “Anger is all I could remember.” In the places Sanchez grew up, the only way to win respect was by fighting, he said. Using violence to solve my problems.” Sanchez shoplifted out of boredom, and his mother would collect him from police departments when he got caught: he picked up a six-month curfew for stealing less than worth of goods in 2006, according to court records.He smoked marijuana daily, discovered his father’s pornography collection at age 6, and by 12, he was sexually active.

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