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Photos and videos can be commented on by all members of the band.

LINE BAND includes a group chat feature, where all band members can chat together in real time.

The install size of fon You depends on the type of device you have.

Select this account type to download apps, leave reviews, post in our forums or comment on articles here on Give Me Apps.

You can even create polls for fellow band members to respond to.

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Chatrandom has a lot in common with an app we reviewed recently called "Chatspin". If you are one of those types that cannot bare the thought of enduring long flights solo, there might be an app for that. You board a flight and sit next to a bunch of passengers you've never met in your life! Developer Give Me Apps Account Select if you wish to sell your apps, list your apps or advertise through Give Me Apps.Every once in a while there is a game released which is considered a game changer!Those game changers influence just about every release on the market thereafter in some way.For mobile, Temple Run is one of those games and we actually reviewed it when it was first released. First there were Memes, then GIF clips and now there's Follywood! The endless swiping, connections and dates are enough to keep people busy for a lifetime.

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