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Online at the 2008 PRSA International Conference about MS&L’s strategy for penetrating China, his acquisition strategy for buying new firms and what it takes to be a managing director at MS&L.Mark Hass, CEO of Manning Selvage & Lee has held this position since April 2005.Follow the podcast on Twitter @ontherecord and follow him @ericschwartzman.Manning Selvage & Lee CEO Mark Hass goes On the Record...

Online is an award-winning podcast launched in 2005 by Eric Schwartzman, CEO of social media compliance training provider Comply Socially, which helps employers manage the risk and capitalize on the opportunities of social media in the workplace.

In January 2012, Phil Gomes (@philgomes) wrote an open letter to Jimmy Wales to initiate a rational discussion about how public relations can effectively contribute to Wikipedia entries.

Shortly thereafter, he and John Cass formed Corporate Representatives for Ethical Wikipedia Engagement (CREWE).

- Hass on how new media is changing the public relations industry.

- Hass on how to convince board rooms that social media is important.

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