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but it's better for her eyes that she gives her eyes a break from the contacts since she must have been wearing them daily so she could wear Vicky's glasses over them.

Have you noticed that he seems more open and willing to talk about her eyes and glasses recently?

Weirdeyes , NNVISITOR I definitely think a lot of my headaches are caused by things that arent my eyes.

But I do think that eye strain does make them worse.

She knows that will get her an increase in her glasses. Busy seeing members of both our families we don't see often enough. 😊 I did see Danielle and reminded her that she was still welcome to use my old glasses.

Do you agree or do you think she happy with the glasses she has and doesn't want an increase? She's on Christmas break until Tuesday so isn't spending all day looking at a screen. She wanted to try my current glasses on (the round ones I bought online) as she likes how they look.

It's one of the styles she is considering for when she gets new ones.

The last time she tried them on she didn't see how they looked on her.

She probably fears that she might break them or loose them and you might want them back.

but as soon as she goes back to work she will be needing to go back to wearing her contacts along with Vicky's old glasses.

I'm a little surprised that she is wearing her glasses while on break and not wearing her contacts.

I have light sensitivity and sometimes get opthalmic migraines. Lou , Hi Sorry, I completely disagree with Likelenses' suggestion.

In my case it was determined that the migraines had nothing to do with my eyes. Relying on alcoholic drinks will cause more problems later in life unless you limit alcohol use to no more than one or two drinks maximum per day. Weirdeyes is looking for an accurate eye prescription, and the things you mention are not linked to her eyes, and will only confuse the issue, and may even lead to her concerns not being taken seriously and possibly being put down to anxiety. every tear she invites me to her house with her family.

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