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According to Stanley Knick, the evidence of diverse cultural influences in prehistory is a characteristic of the region.He believes that Indians of diverse cultures continued to reside here during the historical period after European colonization.According to the 2000 US Census report, 89% of the population of the town of Pembroke, North Carolina, identify as Lumbee; 40% of Robeson County's population identify as Lumbee.The Lumbee are one of eight state-recognized Native American tribes in North Carolina; they have been recognized by the state since 1885.Archaeological evidence shows that Native American cultures have long occupied present-day Robeson County.Artifacts have been collected from Paleo-Indians, the Archaic period, the Woodland period, and into the historic period.

Historical records are unclear as to which parts of Anson County were occupied by Indians in the early colonial period.A 1772 proclamation by North Carolina Governor Arthur Dobbs, derived from a report by his agent, Colonel Rutherford, head of a Bladen County militia, listed the names of inhabitants who took part in a "Mob Railously Assembled together," apparently defying the efforts of colonial officials to collect taxes.The proclamation declared the "Above list of Rogus [sic] is all living upon the Kings Land without title." A later colonial military survey described "50 families a mixt crew, a lawless People possess the Lands without Patent or paying quit Rents." The surnames of some of these families are the same as modern-day Lumbees, but each family must be traced separately to identify individual ancestors, particularly as extensive intermarriage took place.Relatively unusual artifacts, dating back to the middle Archaic period between 6,000–8,000 years ago, such as Eva-like basal-notched projectile points, begin to appear.The presence of stone and, later, ceramic artifacts suggests cultural exchange from elsewhere, which continues through the archaeological record.

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