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In other words, feeling unsatisfied or uncomfortable in the relationship never has to do with the person you are with, it is all about yourself and why you—consciously and subconsciously—are with that person, according to Wanis. Wanis cites an example of a woman whose boyfriend calls her fat and says that she should consider herself lucky to be with him. Or three: Is it because subconsciously that she believes that she doesn't deserve to be treated better even though consciously she says I deserve better? Wanis advises, "Ask yourself what are you afraid of and why I am I choosing to stay in it?

In response to this, he says, "She consciously knows this is wrong, yet she can't break away from him. " In response to why a person would remain in a relationship where the other party is only interested in the physical aspects of a relationship, Dr. " According to a study, Marital Equality: Gender and Power in Couples Therapy by the Marriage and Family Institute, equal relationships have less stress, more intimacy and are overall more stable.

So, they want to keep you off balance and make you feel lucky that they are giving you the time of day." When in reality, they know that the time of day.

We don’t mean marriage and babies, but ambitions of their own that you can support them in and motivate them to achieve.

Oftentimes these thoughts swirl around in the heads of those whose significant others are not good enough for them.

Oftentimes, people make others feel bad about themselves because of their own insecurities, according to an article from Psychology Today.

If your SO truly is not good enough for you, they may feel threatened and feel the need to make you dull your shine in order to make themselves feel better in comparison. Additionally, according to a study by Bentley University, if a significant other causes you to constantly question your thoughts, feelings and decisions and makes you feel guilty for expressing your opinions, you may be in a harmful relationship.

They are not really into you, just into what you can provide for them, such as sex or money or a distraction from their loneliness." Dr.

Patrick Wanis, celebrity life coach and expert in human behavior, prefers to describe feeling "too good" for your partner as "deserving better" or that you "deserve better than this relationship." He also emphasizes the distinction between one's conscious and subconscious feelings about the relationship.

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