Homestar runner dating simulator

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Duct_Tape_Patrol: Jitka i'm not your friend any more Jitka: What's the monkey's vine hanging from? I was hoping to have one, cus that, and your summoning of Bones, are things that the "misser-outers" need to see. Grasshopper, there is a difference between being thought of as attractive and being thought of as cute. (I hope not.) AAAAAAaannyway, those conversations I had with Ace were great. There was one moment that was hilarious to me, but I don't have the actual transcript.Noodle Implements can cause Fridge Logic (and/or Fridge Squick) if you attempt to work out exactly what you do with a snorkel, a feather boa and a stuffed giraffe that's so incredibly erotic. I joked, saying something like, "I have to confess; I am Matt Chapman." And Strong Rad said, "Matt, I have something to tell you. Duct_Tape_Patrol: yeah No Toppings: yesss...i take my leave... That I wanna staple a squirrell thing makes the quote more funny.[/cheatvoice] Sorry I couldn't resist. I don't remember exactly what, but I'm sure it was the Underwear Cannon of Doom V.

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Vh1 just announced that it's planning on bringing back its Celebreality brand of TV shows with a new dating competition starring The Game!

Just post the quote, and if they're funny enough, i'll list em.

Einoo: And Gilligan's Island TSA: Pies were everywhere Einoo: The pies were all over MHG's face MHG: whoa, i just came back and now i have pie on my face?

Differs from Maximum Fun Chamber in that the character in question doesn't really know how to use the items to torture someone.

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