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Like its Nintendo Entertainment System predecessors, Ocarina of Time was notable for being released on a limited Collector's Edition gold cartridge (available mainly to those who pre-ordered the game) as well as a more traditional gray cartridge.

Ocarina of Time was re-released on the Game Cube in 2002 when it was offered as a pre-order incentive for The Wind Waker in the US and Japan.

Europe continues to receive it free in every copy of The Wind Waker, except for the discounted Player's Choice version.

It included a previously unreleased 64DD expansion known as Ura Zelda in Japan and Master Quest in North America, however the original Ura Zelda planned for the 64DD at the time was to enhance Ocarina of Time in most aspects, instead of being a dungeon remix, which Master Quest is.

Ocarina of Time was included as part of Collector's Edition for the Game Cube in 2003.

The protagonist of the series is Link, a young man who is destined, in most of the games, to save Hyrule from the clutches of the evil thief Ganondorf or his alter-ego, the dark beast Ganon.A modified version known as BS The Legend of Zelda was released for the Super Famicom's satellite-based expansion, Satellaview, in the mid-1990s in Japan.BS Zelda was re-released for the Satellaview a year later with re-arranged dungeons and a re-arranged overworld (more or less a "Second Quest"). The second game, known as Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was released in July 1988, and was a departure from the concept of the first game.Innovations include the use of lock-on targeting, a new gameplay mechanic that focuses the camera on a nearby target and alters the player's actions to be relative to that target.Such mechanics allow precision-based swordfighting in a 3D space and were a revolutionary development for the time.

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