Google latitude not updating droid eris

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The Samsung Galaxy might never get a 2.x update, but being stuck at 1.5 was just plain cruel.

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Mock location Mock the location designated by/for wifi signal you would be using.

The menus which once dropped down now slide out from a drawer on the side, instead.

Interfaces aside, this new Android release has a few tricks that its i Phone counterpart doesn’t have (quite yet): Don’t be sweatin’ too hard over the lack of realtime traffic rerouting and all that other stuff on your platform, though, i OS users; from what I gleaned during the meeting, it sounds like the i OS version of the update — complete with proper i Pad support — is just waiting for Apple’s oh-so-crucial greenlight.

Given that you have accepted the terms and conditions, especially location updates to be sent from your phone, Google Maps should update your position every 20 minutes, regardless whether it is running or not.

Once we have program settings out of the way as a reason, I think the problem is not related to Google Maps at all, but is actually an internet connection issue.

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