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Your kitchen skills have improved substantially, despite a few minor disasters at the start.

I was starting to wonder if you were burning my dinner just to receive a punishment from me.

Softly striking, a few times, and then harshly striking me, hitting my clit, Ms. Your naughty submissive intern, Emma Twitter and Tumblr Steamier Blogs are Here!

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You know which of my dresses need to go to the dry cleaners and which you can launder.

That was until my boyfriend suddenly replaced his fingers with his hot throbbing cock. 1) having such a powerful orgasm I pushed my boyfriends cock almost completely out of my pussy and 2) my boyfriend thrusting back into me hard and deep before filling me with a huge load of cum.

That sad loser on the phone listened to every part of it knowing he could never have me like that.

“Beg me, you naughty intern,” she whispered in my ear.

“Please, Hannah,” It hurts so bad that I wanted her to stop, but I loved it at the same time. Then she stopped and laughed such a wicked but seductive laugh.

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