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This one should appeal to fans of classic rock and Michael Schenker in particular View at Amazon MORE: View all our 4K TVs (£21) – Reese Witherspoon walks 1,100m in this adaptation of Cheryl Strayed's non-fiction book.

The image suffers from several issues that negatively impact the film's visuals View at Amazon Broad Green Pictures (£38/) – A thoughtful, intelligent and emotional sc-fi.

So far all the models we've seen support the HDR10 high dynamic range format, but it's possible we'll see models that also suport another type of HDR, Dolby Vision, in the future.

In addition to playing 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, all Ultra Blu-ray players will also up-convert standard HD Blu-rays to quasi-4K resolution, something the TV can also do.

For movies on the go, there are portable models that have rechargeable batteries. Consider a new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player if you have–or are thinking about–a 4K TV.

An Ultra Blu-ray player—paired with a high-performing UHD TV—will provide the best picture quality available today.

All types of Blu-ray players can also play standard DVDs and CDs, so you can use one player for all your discs.Some models include a feature called 4K upscaling, which means the player will take 1080i and 1080p content and upconvet it to quasi-4K resolution when used with a 4K UHD TV.(All UHD TVs will also perform this up-conversion, so it’s not an essential feature, but the Blu-ray player may do a better job.) However, there are now 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players that can present true 4K images with 4K TVs.And Cambridge's premium CXUHD has now arrived on the scene.So we've rounded up all the Ultra HD Blu-rays you can buy in the UK*.

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