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In 1991, shortly after NCR was acquired by AT&T, Steve Jacobs (currently the president of IDEAL Group Inc.) was appointed Chairman of AT&T “Project Freedom” with the mission to “carry forward AT&T’s videophone work” in support of people who are deaf.

In the United States AT&T’s Bell Labs conducted extensive research and development of videophones, leading to public demonstrations of its trademarked Picturephone product and service in the 1960s, including displays at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

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Color on AT&T’s Picturephone was not employed with their early models.

These Picturephone units packaged Plumbicon cameras and small CRT displays within their housings.

Today, Logitech Quick Cam is one of the world s most recognized webcam brands.

The software that originally shipped with the camera included Quick Movie for recording motion pictures and Quick PICT for capturing still images.

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