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However, as food for thought: note that there is a 1986 AD movie called “Crossroads” which is about the based on the story of blues legend Robert Johnson who reportedly summoned a demon at a crossroads and sold his soul in exchange for musical ability, celebrity, fame, etc.Thus, Britney is being portrayed as taking that up a notch, somehow, as she will “Cross” even “Harder.” After she thrashes a few paparazzo, they get up and there is a Terminator-like scene with one all seeing cybernetic eye symbolism.A police officer saw her so he is shown frisking her against a car which is shows to be a VW bug as there is a close up of the VW.

In the video’s beginning she is seen wearing a half shirt with a skull wearing Mickey Mouse ears.Each night, the aliens wipe the memories of the abductees and place them in different life situations: one day you might be a plumber, the next a police officer, one day you are single, the next you are married with children, etc.It is well known that the FBI has identified swirling/spiral symbol as indicative of pedophilia.A man and boy, apparently father and son, both look lustfully towards her, she makes a kissing motion and the camera zooms in on the boy.Thus, she is depicting herself as a straight up pervert in more ways than one—or two, or three.

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