Dating violnce

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Any donation helps victims and survivors get back on their feet, aids prevention programs geared toward reducing abuse, and helps push legislation designed to reduce domestic violence-related homicides.To donate, simply click the blue "Donate" button on the upper right side of the homepage.The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence will pay homage to the victims killed in the last year at the hands of domestic violence during a ceremony Monday, October 16 at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Rotunda. ceremony punctuates October as national Domestic Violence Awareness Month, an annual campaign that honors victims and survivors, celebrates advocates, and shines a light on intimate partner violence.

At PCADV, we thank you greatly for your donation that will go a long way to ending domestic violence and making our communities safer for all.Today, The Hotline is continuing to grow and explore new avenues of service. I wrote the number up and pasted it on the wall because I’m like, ‘This is a lifeline, this is where I’m going to turn my life around. Carole Alexy worked for more than 40 years as an advocate to end violence against women.PCADV is among an estimated 200 nonprofits nationwide who have helped raise about .5 million since the campaign began in 2014.This year’s limited-edition purse was designed by tennis great Serena Williams exclusively for the campaign.

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