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It was just too much to deal with and I even felt like killing myself at one point." - 17 year-old boy from USA "My friend is Jamaican.There are 5 boys in our class and they bully this girl because she is black.Our platform should display fine if your device supports any of the following font-families: Montserrat, “Helvetica Neue”, helvetica, arial, sans-serif It’s also possible that a unicode symbol is supposed to display that your browser doesn’t support.If this is the case, you can simply try a different browser.If you’re seeing the “□” symbol anywhere, this likely means that the device you’re using doesn’t support the symbol that’s actually supposed to appear.Devices typically have several “font-families” pre-installed on them to help interpret symbols in various different styles.Not all font-families include stylized versions of every symbol.When a symbol is supposed to display that the font-family your device is using doesn’t support, you’ll see a “□”.

As long as you’re on the same phone/tablet/computer and browser you used to create the kahoot, try to make the same exact kahoot.

There is a hover effect to hide the edit, duplicate, and delete buttons on kahoots your mouse isn’t hovering over.

– Hover your mouse over the quiz and click the red “delete” button with a trash can icon next to it. – Click the red “delete” button with a trash can icon next to it.

They tell her to go back to KFC and they call her "Black Momma". In the age group of 12-13 or possibly 11 or 14." - 12 year-old girl from Brooklyn, NY The program, led by Sameer Hinduja , co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center and a professor at Florida Atlantic University, is designed for parents and adults who want to learn more about how teens are using — and misusing — their phones ...

No, this problem is not being solved and I'm scared to help her and tell them to stop. (read more...)According to Sameer Hinduja, co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center, about 6% of teens aged 12 to 17 have engaged in self-cyberbullying.

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    It found that while we’d like to claim we have advanced as a society beyond judging people by the color of their skin, our habits show otherwise.

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