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But it’s important to note that, according to canon law, only the priest may officiate at a Catholic wedding.A minister may offer a few words, but he or she may not officiate or preside at a joint ceremony.Likewise, the non-Catholic spouse is no longer required to promise to take an active role in raising the children in the Catholic faith, but instead “to be informed at an appropriate time of these promises which the Catholic party has to make, so that it is clear that the other party is truly aware of the promise and obligation of the Catholic party,” the code states.(See the 1983 [current] , canons 1124-1129 on “Mixed Marriages” for the full text.) But suppose the non-Catholic party insists that the children will not be raised Catholic?If the non-Catholic is a baptized Christian (not necessarily Catholic), the marriage is valid as long as the Catholic party obtains official permission from the diocese to enter into the marriage and follows all the stipulations for a Catholic wedding.

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It is generally recommended that ecumenical or interfaith weddings not include Communion.

Therefore, most ecumenical or interfaith weddings take place outside of Mass: there is a different service for a Catholic marrying a baptized Christian and a Catholic marrying a non-baptized person or catechuman (person preparing for baptism).

The union between a Catholic and a non-baptized spouse is not considered sacramental.

However, Hater adds, “Though they do not participate in the grace of the sacrament of marriage, both partners benefit from God’s love and help [grace] through their good lives and beliefs.” Marriage Preparation Good-quality marriage preparation is essential in helping couples work through the questions and challenges that will arise after they tie the knot.

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