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I am pretty inexperienced in life other then school and college and I actualy enjoy being in diapers now.Comments: I want to meet a friend that lives near New Hampshire that I can meet and talk with in person. If you want to talk and hang out email me [email protected] Need advise though on a mattress that I can fold up and travel with but will keep my wetting from public knowledge.Protection Used: I am kept in thick cloth diapers with plastic pants and am diapered every night after supper and changed just before bed.I have a plastic sheet on my bed with a draw sheet in case I leak Comments: I am interested in meeting anyone that can relate to my situation and maybe help me to find that I am not alone in this.I'm athletic gay circuit boy who hides his true intentions from the world.If your from the NY area and want to meet up, drop me an email.Also just like to hang out with friends and family on occasion as well.

Would like to meet someone online that could maybe share how it has affected them and stuff as it is not something that is easily talked about.

I am in the process of getting diapers online and plastic underwear so it will keep me dryer at night and no more leaks. And I would like to have a friend with the same problems as I do.

I also have severe chornic lower back pain with legs and feet pain. Comments: Well I have been bed wetting since I was 13 years old (1993), and have had day time accidents going on 15 years (since beginning of 2000).

Comments: I have no involuntary control of my bladder, never have my entire life, so I leak when I am asleep, tired, or not paying attention.

It bothered me when I was younger, but not anymore. I enjoy doing things outside, camping, boats, swimming, and others.

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