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"You're talking about a population that appears to be especially vulnerable to exploitation." Giving away a child in America can be surprisingly easy.Legal adoptions must be handled through the courts, and prospective parents must be vetted. Children can be sent to new families quickly through a basic document – a notarized statement declaring the child to be in the care of another adult.In emails, Nicole Eason assured Melissa Puchalla that she could handle the girl."People that are around me think I am awesome with kids," Eason wrote. 4, 2008, the Puchallas drove six hours from their Wisconsin home to Westville, Illinois.After a sheriff's deputy helped remove the Easons' second child, a newborn baby boy, the deputy wrote in his report that the "parents have severe psychiatric problems as well with violent tendencies." • The Easons each had been accused by children they were babysitting of sexual abuse, police reports show.

On Quita's first night with the Easons, her new guardians told her to join them in their bed, Quita says today. Within a few days, the Easons stopped responding to Melissa Puchalla's attempts to check on Quita, Puchalla says.The company subsequently took down five other groups that Reuters brought to its attention.A similar forum on Facebook, Way Stations of Love, remains active.A Facebook spokeswoman says the page shows "that the Internet is a reflection of society, and people are using it for all kinds of communications and to tackle all sorts of problems, including very complicated issues such as this one." The Reuters investigation found that some children who were adopted and later re-homed have endured severe abuse.Speaking publicly about her experience for the first time, one girl adopted from China and later sent to a second home said she was made to dig her own grave.

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