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Learn more about our flexible program options below.At Mc Cann, we believe that everyone has their own career path, and we are dedicated to helping you find yours.This means that you will be responsible for payment of the full tuition and fees charged for those academic terms unless you obtain alternate financing.We realize you may have questions and concerns you want to raise with us.* This offering is a California Life Line and federal Life Line supported service.Only qualified customers may enroll in the program and proof of eligibility documentation is necessary for enrollment.Do not make use the phone where prohibited by law or while operating machinery or motorized vehicles.

For additional information view our Terms and Conditions.Any currently enrolled students who have any concerns that they may not be able to complete their programs by that date should make appointments with the Campus Director to discuss their options.[Please keep the Application Number for tracking your application].If the transaction is completed, Mc Cann will become an ACCSC-accredited campus of that school group.While there is no guarantee the transaction will be successfully completed, remaining work on the transaction is proceeding quickly and we believe it can be completed in December 2017, well before the June 12, 2018 deadline for alternative accreditation.

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