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The somewhat variable names may be descriptive or indicate where the object is kept, as in the Oar, the Snuffbox, the Small Santiago Tablet, and the Santiago Staff.

There are also said to have been more specific names for the texts based on their topic.

If rongorongo does prove to be writing and proves to be an independent invention, it would be one of very few independent inventions of writing in human history.Many of the human and animal figures, such as glyphs have characteristic protuberances on each side of the head, possibly representing eyes.Individual texts are conventionally known by a single uppercase letter and a name, such as Tablet C, the Mamari Tablet.However, the writing continues onto the second side of a tablet at the point where it finishes off the first, so if the first side has an odd number of lines, as is the case with tablets K, N, P, and Q, the second will start at the upper left-hand corner, and the direction of writing shifts to top to bottom.Larger tablets and staves may have been read without turning, if the reader were able to read upside-down. However, the two parts of the glyph second from right ( and ) are connected by a faint bent hair-line that may have been inscribed with obsidian.

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