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Essentially, tube sites made vast sums of money on stolen content, then used that money, along with access to even vaster venture capital, to buy up competitors and corner the market, forcing everyone in the industry to either play ball, find a new niche, or go out of business.And thus, an industry in which most of the people producing the actual content couldn’t even open a checking account (based on a long-held, cockamaimie theory that other customers might take their money out if they found out a porn star was doing business there) came to be dominated almost completely by a tech guy who’d never been on a porn set before. “It is extraordinary when you think about it,” Ronson says.They were from quite a religious Muslim family, I think,” Ronson says.“I may be wrong about that, but in any case, when their parents came to visit them in the office, they didn’t know that they were running Porn Hub.“Manwin is a tech company,” Thylmann said during an industry speech in 2012, putting a finer point on it.

‘They’d probably get their asses beat,’ says Jason Quinlan, from Lords Of ” By the time I got to the AVN Awards in 2014, that was no longer true. If that sounds like an exaggeration, consider that in a country with 300 million people, Porn Hub’s network (more on that in a second) receives 280 million impressions a day.Despite this, paradoxically, and despite its occasional flirtations with the mainstream (Sasha Grey, James Deen), the prospect of porn ever going mainstream like people assumed it would in the ’70s (see: , Ronson turns that same keen eye on the porn world. Specifically, Ronson examines how a key event — in this case the advent of free porn, in the form of Porn Hub and the other tube sites — has had ripple effects that changed not only the porn industry but almost every facet of society.“But then I heard about these other consequences that were so much more unexpected.Like the way that search engine optimization has taken over the industry.

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