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Out of this environment new businesses and new industries will be born.

So 3D virtual worlds are here to stay and eventually become one with/tightly and seamlessly integrated with the 2D Web over the coming months and years (rather than replace the 2D Web). Our voice communications are even spatialised (being able to discern the direction of voice/sound sources around us), and that's how the blind find their way in computerised 3D spaces.

People also have different tastes/preferences and currently the audiences of the 2D Web and the 3D Web/Second Life are overlapping but still different (read the US CDC arguments about this: "going where people are... The latter feels more easily and naturally like 'being there'.

yet another opportunity to learn and teach about public health"). However, it is not until you are actually ("yourself") inside the scene, participating and interacting (again in a realistic and natural way), that your sense of 'being there' is "complete".

This is also key to successful immersiveness (suspension of disbelief). Note, for example, the lack of anti-aliasing, bump mapping and ripple water/sunlight reflection in the low-end card rendering of the scene.

'Reinforcing the message' can also be helped by adequately capitalising on the social and communication affordances of 3D worlds. In-world speed and smoothness of movements are also affected, but this cannot be shown in a screenshot.

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