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Crudele said, indicating a flat screen TV on the wall which she turned on with a remote.

"You can also watch TV or a movie on the home entertainment center but please keep the volume low so you can hear the baby." "Of course Mrs. I was just planning on doing work on some of my college admission forms on my computer so I'll be listening for sure." "That's fine dear, we do have wi-fi so you can access the internet. You may eat anything you want and if you need something just ring the bell and Juanita can make you something.

Sara was sprawled back with her eyes closed and her chest rising and falling from her labored breathing and her hand was a blur between her legs. Crudele was rubbing his bulge up against his wife's round, firm ass as his hand was mashing one of her surgically enhanced breasts.

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I was checking on the baby, don't worry he's fine, and I also checked on the other home systems.

Then her cellphone went off and it was her boyfriend Brandon. My Mom can't afford to pay for it for me." "Sara you said that just because my parents are paying for mine." "It just is Brandon.

They talked for a little while though he was argumentative over the fact she wouldn't be able to see him that night. That's all, nothing meant by it." "What good is it you being my girlfriend if I can't get laid when I want?

As her hand moved she also was rocking her hips slightly in conjunction when with a final gasp Sara's body stiffened and she bit her bottom lip as she came. Crudele reached out and seized her wrist in his iron grip and her eyes flew open in shock.

Once the Crudeles had left Sara had spent the first forty five minutes doing some work on her college admission.

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