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If you're addicted to alcohol, tobacco or drugs, for example, you'll experience withdrawal symptoms like a rise in blood pressure, nausea, sweating and tremors if you stop taking it.That's because these substances change body and brain chemistry.Are you hitting the gym night and day to avoid looking heavy as you age?Are you constantly surfing the Internet because you're feeling depressed and lonely and want to be distracted by something?An outgoing woman in her mid- 40s, she revealed that she had many more shoes than she could use or afford— and yet she found it nearly impossible to pass up a pair that caught her eye. But she was rarely able to resist shoe shopping for much longer than that, even though she had racked up so much debt that her family was in danger of losing their house and her husband was thinking of leaving her.Another patient, a 33-year-old woman named Meg,* came to me as a "last resort" before getting gastric bypass surgery.

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Meg, for example, mentioned that her 15-year-old son was playing video games day and night, and his grades, friendships and sleep habits were suffering—all signs that he was developing a compulsion, too.You don't have to postpone it longer and longer each time.It's better to be erratic about it, so the next time delay by 2 hours, then 10 minutes, then a full day.Compulsions also often go hand in hand with anxiety and depression.The excitement of gambling, the comfort of eating, the high of the purchase all temporarily drown out feelings of sadness and worry.

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