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"The Descendants of the dynasty are given the continuous use of the house of King Nikola I of Montenegro in Njeguši..gardens..meadow-land." "Descendants of the dynasty will have built for them a family home in given an apartment in Podgorica" (Article 12).

To carry out their official functions Prince Nikola II has the right to use State objects and resources and "the exclusive right of use of the first storey" of the Petrović Palace (Dvorac Petrovića) in Podgorica, "and when protocol requires, use of the ground floor with priority over other users" (Article 13).

It also affirms the House law of the dynasty by defining the succession to the headship of the dynasty as being passed down through the "male heir of the oldest male heir" (Article 5).

The law protects the use of the heraldic symbols of the dynasty by the representative of the dynasty, Prince Nikola II (Article 6).

In addition, Prince Nikola II is entitled to a monthly income equivalent to the gross monthly earnings of the President of Montenegro (Article 16).

The Petrovic-Njegoš Foundation has its seat in Montenegro.

The law "regulates the important issues regarding the status of the descendants of the Petrović-Njegoš dynasty, for the historical and moral rehabilitation of the Petrović-Njegoš dynasty for whom their dethroning was contrary to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Montenegro, a violent act of annexation in the year 1918." (Article 1).

Montenegro was ruled from its inception by vladikas (prince-bishops), who had a dual temporal and spiritual role.Article 8 allows for members of the dynasty to obtain Montenegrin citizenship and also to be dual-nationals of other nations without losing their Montenegrin citizenship.This is of particular relevance today as all of the members of the dynasty also hold French citizenship.In 1697, the office was made hereditary in the Petrović-Njegoš family.However, since Orthodox bishops are required to be celibate, the crown passed from uncle to nephew.

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