The dating of zecheriah

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The rest of the book is less specifically historical in its hope, and also more theological and pastoral in its focus.

The main emphasis is that God is at work and plans to live again with his people in Jerusalem.

Finally, some analysts regard certain sections of the second part of the book as older than the first, and as pre-exilic in date. These may be regarded as a symbolic history of Israel, intended to furnish consolation to the returned exiles and stir up hope in their minds, centering on the rebuilding of the Temple.

The governor Zerubbabel and the high priest Joshua ( The early chapters of the book (Chapters 1-6) display an urgent historical hope for the restoration of the Temple of Jerusalem and the ministry of the "two olive trees," especially the "Branch." This figure is clearly identified as the high priest Joshua, while the other "anointed one" seems to be Zerubbabel, the governor, who was of Davidic lineage.

These chapters are also notable for several depictions of a suffering messianic figure that seems to have influenced later New Testament writers in their portrayals of Jesus.

Some commentators, however, see no reason to doubt that the entire book was written by the historical Zechariah.

Zechariah's early visions—such as the apocalyptic four chariots and their colored horses, the seven lampstands, and two olive trees—strongly influenced the writing of the Book of Revelation.

Much of these sections consist of denunciations of Judah's enemies and predictions of Jerusalem's future greatness.

In Matthew and Luke -51, Jesus seems to refer to this earlier Zechariah as "Zechariah son of Berechiah." A tradition preserved in the Lives of the Prophets states that Zechariah actually died a peaceful death "when he had attained a great age" and was buried near Haggai.

There is no consensus as to the precise date and authorship of the Book of Zechariah.

After the death of Cyrus in 530 His system divided the different colonies of the empire into easily manageable districts overseen by governors.

Here, the name of Zerubbabel comes into the story, a descendant of King David appointed by Darius as governor over the district of Yehud (Judah).

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