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You may have noticed that zombietime is not a blog; you can’t leave comments there, and it has no RSS feed. zomblog is, as the name suggests, the “zombietime blog.” I originally started zomblog as a place to publish short mini-posts that didn’t feel hefty enough to merit a post at zombietime.So there’s no automated way to get notified of new zombietime posts. Because that’s one of the functions that zomblog serves: as a zombietime-notification system. And while that remains zomblog’s primary function, it is also used for: - announcements of and links to all new zombietime reports; - a place for readers to comment on zombietime reports; - occasional notifications of my Pajamas Media posts; - a place for me to post single photos or humorous asides; - and in general anything I deem too “small” to post on zombietime.Since every single zombietime post receives its own notification on zomblog, you can keep tabs on all my work by bookmarking just three pages: • My dedicated column at Pajamas Media; • My stream at The Tatler; and • zomblog.With those three bookmarks, you’ll catch just about everything I publish as “zombie” these days.Just because my Tatler posts are supposed to be short and quick, doesn’t mean that they’re always insignificant; in some instances, my Tatler posts have become hugely popular and generated more traffic than even my “major” reports.So, that’s it for the main components of my Web presence.

It has no bells and whistles of any kind: no comments, no social media widgets, no RSS, no sidebar, no nothing — except for my text and photos. The only distinguishing factor is a complete absence of advertisements, which is once again a conscious decision on my part — a personality quirk, I suppose.

In general, nowadays you can find my writing at four different venues: 1. my work at zombietime, but once I started zomblog in April of 2008 I began to reserve zombietime for only “major” investigations or “long” photo essays.

Also, let it be noted: I do NOT have an account at any of the following social media sites, so don’t bother looking for me at…

So if you want to keep abreast of my work, make sure you check my PJM column.

I’ve made many wildly popular and newsworthy posts at PJM over the last couple years that you would have entirely missed if you only checked the zombietime domain. But blogging remains a part-time thing for me, and as long as my stuff appears at least somewhere, I’m satisfied: there’s no real for a duplicative re-post of the same material.

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