Mandating physical education in schools chef james martin dating

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The study also concluded that abstinence-only programs are less effective than comprehensive classes that include abstinence and safe-sex practices such as contraception and condom use.

Related nationwide studies by the Guttmacher Institute and Planned Parenthood came to similar conclusions.

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Currently 18 states and the District of Columbia require schools to provide sex education and 32 do not.Project Reality, which provides curriculum and support to districts across Illinois, including 140 public schools in the Chicago area, teaches teens about STDs and contraception, but tries to encourage abstinence by emphasizing the physical and emotional risks of teen sex.“We recognize the problems of STDs and teen pregnancy, but there are also other risks, such as links to depression and suicide,” said Phelps.But young people face a barrage of confusing messages.Along with titillating images from the media, some kids are told to “just say no” to sex.

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