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He was as putty in her hands as he could be, his lust written across his face plainly."Good, you have that horny i-need-a-cock-now faggot look going on.Just remember, you're trying to get these guys interested in you, so smile, try and turn them on, and be honest." Nicholas took a breath, nodding.She had him move over to the bed, and he climbed on the center, on his knees.She made sure to buy him a few bras as well, because some of his partners would like it, and even a few negligees.Only one of the sales women had batted and eye brow at the whole thing, and Cynthia had been quick to explain that Nicholas enjoyed crossdressing on occasion.Even his face was slightly different with the makeup, more attractive.

Then, she'd make a comment about whatever was on the screen, "Look at that guy mark him, make him his bitch. He was enjoying the feeling of the lingerie against his skin that rubbed against him as he played with himself.She got the whole thing in the camera's lens, looking at the image of her nephew: an utter and complete sissy faggot. He remembered to smile, "I'm kind of new to this stuff, and I'm looking for some men to use me." He paused, unsure of what to say.She rubbed herself a bit, nodding at Nicholas, and filming. He had a good idea of how to flirt with men now, but his experience with this area was somewhat lacking.Comments, ideas and feedback are welcomed and sought after! ***** Cynthia took her nephew out again the next day under the pretense of it being a reward for his behavior up until now.The truth was that she wanted him to get used to dressing in lingerie more often.

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