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Social media users soon noticed that Lebanon’s Saly Greige was standing next to her, which led to some angry Lebanese folk calling for their country’s contestant to be stripped of her title for ‘consorting with the enemy’.According to Lebanon’s Daily Star, the hashtag ‘two words for Miss Lebanon’ was trending on Twitter this weekend, as thousands of Lebanese people fumed against Greige for blatantly fraternising with Matalon.How many more nude photos of patients or ultrasound images will be exposed because of misconfigured Rsync backups?” [Also: Microsoft Office: The ubiquitous software that few trust to protect their data] Kromtech Security Research Center and the blogger contacted Bronx-Lebanon and i Health, and the blogger reported that the data then was secured.Tens of thousands, and possibly up to millions, of patient records at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in New York City were exposed in a recent data breach, according to the Kromtech Security Research Center, which uncovered the records on May 3.The records were part of a backup managed by i Health Innovations, the research center said.

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The innocent image was taken by Miss Israel, Doron Matalon, who posted it on to her Instagram account.

“It’s almost as if no one is listening to any of the researchers begging entities to secure their data.

How many Mongo DB servers have to be totally wiped out or ransomed before more people start checking whether they left port 27017 open?

The Carnival Victory is 893 feet long with a total of 13 decks hosting the staterooms, dining areas, and areas for the endless onboard activities.

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