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Yes, I am one of those dark types who broods over the piano with all the gloom and doom present.Surprisingly though, once I get a song out about what is upsetting me I feel I have healed from it and then have a good story to go with it. Just my Yamaha portable grand piano and my Dusty Strings harp.

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I find to be in the mood to write a song is most prominent when someone I care about is going through something seriously upsetting, but that also goes for myself with such situations.I’m really lucky to have been able to take on this opportunity.It’s not every day that something like this happens to a small town musician.I find Cradle’s music was more technical and tedious, while my solo work is much easier and has a radio friendly structure and flow.I enjoy many genres of music so it’s always easy for me to switch between the two.

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