Dating and marriage in paraguay

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Article 8 About Environment Protection(1) Those activities that are likely to cause environmental changes will be regulated by law.The law may also restrict or prohibit those activities that are considered hazardous.

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I'm dating a Paraguayan girl here in the US, that is telling me of all the money that's being made done there in forestry, cattle and real estate.

(2) The State will also promote research on population factors and their links with socio-economic development, the preservation of the environment and the quality of life of the inhabitants.

Article 7 About the Right to a Healthy Environment(1) Everyone has the right to live in a healthy, ecologicallybalanced environment.

His incommunicado status, which in no case can exceed the deadline established by law, will not prevent him from contacting his defense authority;4. To be brought before a competent judge within 24 hours of his arrest so that the judge may take appropriate legal decisions in the case.

Article 13 About Debts Not Being Cause for Imprisonment The deprivation of freedom by reason of debt is prohibited, except in cases when a competent judicial authority issues an arrest warrant against someone who has failed to comply with sustenance payments or who has to serve time as a substitute for judicial fines or bonds to be paid.

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