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Dating and partnerships are different from friendships and not every aspect is conducted in the same manner, of course. O that your BFF would never let you get away with (but then again, they do get to see you naked).

However, histrionics or dragging your beloved to a dinner party aside, the basis of our relationships should be rooted in a similar ground to the ones we have with our best friends.

Or were handed a project that you didn’t know anything about?

“I don’t think there’s been a more positive person in my corner that I’ve had,” Stephens told the New York Times this week.

“When I was on the peg leg (cast), I was with him, and I would always make fun of myself and he’d make fun of me.

Learn More I have spent the majority of my professional and personal life finding out how to create the fun and enjoyment and minimize the pain and struggle.

I study the research, apply the best practices, and use my own relationship as a proving ground for what works.

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