Internet dating and dangers

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Teens are posting a tremendous amount of information on their online profiles, so it is vitally important that teens use strict privacy settings and are savvy about the individuals they allow to view their social networking profile.

Since kids are often trying to catch the attention of and gain approval from their peers, some teens tend to post content to appear popular or to gain a response from others in their online community; teens jockey for status, post risqué pictures, brag about the previous weekend’s adventures, and can easily use this digital space to humiliate others or post inappropriate content."Kids are going to post photos and personal information. At least they should use the privacy tools built into the sites to keep people they don't know from accessing their information and their data.

For the woman who was assaulted, that is exactly how it started.

The two met on Tinder and talked for a few weeks before he started asking her if she would like to meet for coffee.

SVSU student Zach Hannah said there are many dangerous possibilities.

"The guy or girl could get mugged, raped, shot, there's a bunch of potential dangers for going online. That's exactly what happened in Wyoming, MI last week when a couple and their unborn child were murdered during a Craigslist transaction.

Investigators said 18-year-old Brooke Slocum agreed to meet up and have sex with 31-year-old Brady Oestrike.

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The fact of the matter is that it has become very common for people, especially college students, to meet up with others they only know through social media.

“For me, I wasn’t really planning on meeting up with anyone and I was really clear about that cause people asked me,” she said.

Since Tinder uses Facebook, possible matches are able to see if they have any mutual friends.

In the offline world, communities are typically responsible for enforcing norms of privacy and general etiquette.

In the online world, new etiquette challenges abound.

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