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Specifications: Engine 119.5 CID, 4 cal, side valve 46 bhp @ 3,600rpm (Fordson Model N tractor engine) Torque 84 lbs-ft @ 1,500 rpm Transmission 3 speed Model A Transfer case Spicer 2 speed (same as Bantam) Gear Shift Floor mounted Axles Spicer Dana 4.88:1 23-2 rear, Dana 25 front (same as Bantam) Wheelbase 80 inches Weight 2,160 lbs.1941 Willys MA Willys knew that the Army would want an improved model and started development of the MA even as the Quad was being tested. The basic drivetrain was still the Warner Gear and Spicer components of the Quad, Ford and Bantam.The MA is the least common of the pre-production Willys, with only about 30 examples known to exist of the 1,553 originally built; most were sent to Russia under Lend-Lease.

At any rate, the Pygmy was indeed accepted for the tests at Camp Holabird, and the only significant action seen by the Budd-bodied prototype was in parades and war bond rallies.As Lend-Lease requirements increased and the Willys design was finalized for mass production, more GP's were ordered and Ford ended up building 4,456 units, most of which went to Lend-Lease.Contrary to popular belief, the GP did not stand for "General Purpose." GP was a Ford engineering term, "G" for a government contract vehicle and "P" for 80-inch-wheelbase Reconaissance Car. Very much different than the later MB, the MA featured a column shift and a host of other detail changes that put it between the Quad and the MB.By no means a direct and total history, just a better way to identify jeeps.1940 Bantam Pilot Using the term that has become generic in the English language, this is the undisputed first "jeep." Built by the American Bantam Car Company of Butler, Pennsylvania, it was delivered to Camp Holabird, Maryland, on September 23, 1940.

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