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At the same time, Dan bonds with Becky’s husband as they work together to put up the gaudiest, cheesiest, “white trashiest” Christmas decorations they can muster in protest to the neighborhood’s new “white twinkle lights only” rule. The Flintstones – Christmas Flintstone Christmas needs just a few elements to feel homey: Santa, reindeer, and togetherness. How I Met Your Mother – How Lily Stole Christmas This take on the classic story also turns the push and pull of Marshall and Lily’s romance on its head.

This Flintstones episode offers all of these things, except that Fred is Santa (filling in for the Big Guy when he comes down with a cold), the reindeer are rein-dinos, and Fred almost misses his own Christmas when he spends all night sprinkling every city in the world with Christmas presents. As Lily is prepping the apartment for her first Christmas since her reunion with Marshall (after she ran away to San Francisco and broke his heart), she hears an old message from Ted in which he calls her a Grinch.

They’re left crying and realizing their squabbles are better buried, which is an oddly adorable, totally unhealthy, and heartwarming little Christmas miracle. Ren and Stimpy – Son of Stimpy To some, this episode is known as the one that got Ren and Stimpy canceled, thanks to its dark and brutal look at love and family.

In his opening monologue, Baldwin is visited by John Goodman as the ghost of Christmas future; he sees Jimmy Fallon hosting the show in 2011 and making fun of Baldwin. The Bob Newhart Show – His Busiest Season Rather than focusing on the togetherness of a family at Christmastime, this episode of the long-running sitcom found Bob taking his role as a psychiatrist to a new level.

This Christmas Carol parody is particularly significant, because in December 2011, it all came true. When he and his wife realize something is missing from their Christmas – despite the giant pile of presents they’ve lined up for each other – Bob invites his therapy group full of people who hate the holidays.

If your goal is good TV with a seasonal feel, rather than straight up holiday cheer, this episode couldn’t be more perfect. The Andy Griffith Show – The Christmas Story In typical Andy Griffith fashion, this episode is as sugary as a glass of sweet tea.

After Ben, the department store owner, insists that Andy lock up a man for making moonshine on Christmas Eve, Andy does his best to bring Christmas to the inmate.

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