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In the latest instalment, Misery Bear looks for love on Valentine's Day. On a side note, Misery Bear's co-creator, @ratbanjos, reveals that Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian emailed him to say that this was the best use of their music ever in film or television.

That's high praise indeed, and makes us insanely jealous that Stuart Murdoch wrote to him.

Note: this will probably only make sense to people familiar with the increasingly archaic traditions of British television, where BBC channels used to hand over to pages from Ceefax when they shut down for the night.

(Amazingly, you can sometimes still see Ceefax on regular BBC channels, according to Wikipedia at least.) Also: it works best at full screen.

Tim Leslie, Vice President for International Prime Video said: “We’re delighted to bring a second season of Neil Gaiman’s riveting story to fans across the globe.

Audiences have responded overwhelmingly to season one – it is stunning entertainment unlike anything else and we can’t wait for the next series.” The eight-part series immediately set itself out with an explicit sex scene unlike other you'll see all year.

Here is a helpful educational film covering this important issue: Just a quick housekeeping note for anybody who normally reads The Ridiculant in the paper version of Metro: tomorrow will be the last day of the Ridiculant page.

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6Music's current 'variety gauge' reading is 59% - over half the tunes it's played haven't been played by any other radio station in the last 30 days.

Or, to put it another way: as an unfortunate side effect of some internal job jiggery-pokery (all of it pretty cool and exciting, but also kind of boring if you're not me, which I'm assuming you aren't) we can't keep inserting lumps of web into the paper in the way we used to.

But we'll still be bringing you the best, worst and least comprehensible things that the internet has to offer right here - the blog isn't going to change*, and in fact should be updated a bit more regularly throughout the day.

The series, based on Neil Gaiman's beloved novel of the same name, has proved a ratings-puller for the Starz network in the US and has become the most-watched property on Amazon Prime in the UK.

Ricky Whittle, Ian Mc Shane and Emily Browning head up the cast in a series that pits the mythological Old Gods against the New.

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