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And Melanie C and I shared a childlike fascination for pop music and had big dreams of making it.We came from all sorts of performing-arts backgrounds, and we all had different musical tastes.We bought tight white vintage Adidas T-shirts for everyone in the band to wear, because when you're in a band, you should all look the same, right?

It was a melding of ideas, and that was the beauty of it: the compromise in music taste.

It was a small gathering—around 40 people—but we'd been rehearsing all summer for that one night.

It quickly became obvious that Victoria and Emma weren't exactly comfortable in the T-shirts we'd picked out. Our music was our mouthpiece, our way of communicating with the world.

The girls who'd made the final round were split into two groups of four.

Each group sang Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)" and performed a dance we'd learned for the audition.

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