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The top of her breasts were just popping out in a sexy cleavage...

I told her I was sore and wanted to stay in and that she could go out without me. Read On Added: | Category: Wife Lovers | Avg Score: 4 | Words: 1,918 | Tags: group swallow anal dp wife cheating Roz and Carol make love to me while Sue cheats with her admirers The story until now.

If I could get my wife to do this, I know I could get her to start fucking other men.

I wanted my wife to be slut for men to use, so I began my plot!

Her body is exposing and glitteing in the lite like a milk stone her round shaped breasts r stiffed and her nipples are errected...

'Harold, get in here right now, I haven't got all day,' Miranda Davis snapped as she sat in front of her dressing table while preparing to go out for the evening with several of her female friends, 'do you hear me, you insignificant piece of crap, I said get your ass in here!!! To impress her black fucker she decided to wear a new sexy dress.

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