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'Tell us a bit about your relationship - that's something they do really well.

He pokes fun at a lot of her world, but they're really playful together and I think that comes across in all of their posts.'Nikki said for any couple questioning what their social media feeds might say about their relationship, there's only two things you need to be sure of.'The questions to be asking yourself are: "Are we the same in the real world, away from our screens, and are we more concerned about how the relationship actually is, or are we more interested in how it looks online?

Despite her tall, trim figure, there is sadness in her eyes, highlighted by the medication she takes for depression since she left a tough front-line job as a detective with an elite New South Wales police drugs squad. I noticed he had lovely soft skin, beautiful hands and wonderful eyes.'I expected him to be aloof. He was watching me serve drinks, staring intensely.

One can't help asking whether Ralph Fiennes didn't spot a vulnerable woman, use her, and then abandon her to face the sack from her job with Qantas. I've seen The English Patient 20 times.' She recaptured her composure and added: 'I'm so sorry. He didn't have a meal and drank only a couple of glasses of Shiraz.'But every time I looked up I saw that he was watching me.

According to the relationship expert, it's all in the caption and the hashtags, which often read along the lines of 'my girl, my boy, my everything or my bae'.'It looks like it's a real big statement to say "hey look ladies, look guys, this chick's mine, this guy's mine",' she explained.According to a sexologist, the couples who make us cringe the most on social media might be the ones who are soon to split.Nikki Goldstein claims those who appear the most attached and interested in promoting their relationship online are often battling insecurities or having problems with their significant other.There were only 12 passengers in business class that night.Then, as she was preparing to go on her break, Fiennes made an unexpected suggestion.

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