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Distributional status of an intro- duced lizard in Florida: Anolis sagrei. Vertebrates associated with gopher tortoises [Gopherus poly- phenols) burrows in four habitats in south-central Florida. Ecological correlates of successful colonization in the life history of the Cuban treefrog Osteopilus septenirionalis (Anura: Hylidae). 1 1997] MESHAKA— HERPETOFAUNA OF BUCK ISLAND RANCH -. Reproductive cycle and colonization ability of the Mediterranean gecko {Hem- idactylus turcicus) in south-central Florida. The Old World tropical house gecko {Hemidactylus ma- bouia) is also expected to colonize BIR. This species occurs nearby in Palm- dale, Glades Co. With the exception of aquatic forms, most of the native herpetofauna of BIR were found in more than one habitat (Table 1) where they exploited a hydrologically patchy environment. holbrooki) were present in ENP and KOPSMS, within the geographic range of BIR, but not recorded during this study. holbrooki, absence from the checklist was probably from lack of sufficient collecting effort. holbrooki were heard or seen during torrential rainfall in March 1 993 nor at any time during this study. turcicus on the ranch as it has in Lake Placid and in other areas of syntopy in Florida (Meshaka, 1995).

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Species that were common in this study, such as Mallomonas akrokomos and M. Our observations clear- ly support these earlier findings. Eisner for preparing the carbon- coated grids and Central Michigan University's Graphics Production for their assistance in the preparation of the photographic plates.

symposium man- agement of reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals in North America.

An introduction to the amphibians and reptiles of the Katharine Ordway Preserve-Swisher Memorial Sanctuary.

Vagility and the Florida distribution of the Cuban treefrog (Osteopilus septen- trionalis).

Diet and the colonization of buildings by the Cuban treefrog, Osteopilus sep- tentrionalis (Anura: Hylidae).

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