Numerical dating

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If you really don't respect women, you really shouldn't date. But, by fifty, it no longer felt satisfying on any level. I'd never learned how to connect my heart with my body, but I knew guys who had.Their best sexual experiences were with partners they shared a deep emotional connection with.I spent considerable time talking with men friends who had done relationship work.I quickly discovered that they were right, and no matter how good casual sex was, it couldn't equal the raw sexual energy, passion, and satisfaction that sex with a woman I love provides.Considering the failure rate for boomer men's second and third marriages (60%-70%), women should appreciate a man not committing too quickly. But the reality is that younger women want everything boomer women want, and more. Forgive me, but I think a seventy something year old man attending his child's high school graduation is bizarre.And, bitter and angry may better describe a man's ex-wife than boomer women in general, because I never met a bitter, angry boomer woman in years of dating.

We all have to be willing to acknowledge each other's attitudes, and be open to changing behavior that doesn't work. Since I've never shown up for a first date disheveled, and never had a first date with a woman who did either, I'm at a complete loss to understand why any guy might think this is cool.

Since there's no shortage of couples in their seventies and eighties still enjoying sex, there's no age limitation.

Desire My desire to find a life partner increased noticeably after sixty, and it was as much about my need for emotional intimacy as physical intimacy.

Giving up dating conflicts with my lifelong attitude about never giving up on anything worthwhile.

Granted, what's worthwhile to me doesn't necessarily apply to everyone, but I'm honestly puzzled why a woman would voluntarily spend the next several decades without a partner.

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